About Us

We are a proud member of the local community and have been serving the people around us for nearly a quarter of a century.

Trustworthy electrical engineers are more in demand than ever, but unfortunately, they can prove to be very hard to find.

We are an old fashioned firm who believe very much in putting the customer first and always thinking of them and their safety.

For this reason, we will never suggest any work that does not need doing but also, we sometimes have to advise home owners that their wiring is dangerous.

This can often come as a shock to the householder, but unlike some other, less scrupulous companies, we are not doing this to try and extract large sums of money from them.

If we see something really dangerous, we will isolate the source of the danger immediately. If you are in a property owned by a landlord, we will make sure they are notified of the issue.

Wherever possible, we will undertake all emergency work immediately and fully. If it is not, we make it safe and come back the next day.

For regular customers, we can offer a discount and we are the only local company to shave 25% off the bill, for pensioners.

All our contractors are qualified and have checkable credentials.

We thoroughly vet all our staff prior to engaging them and they all come highly recommended and with glowing references.

Our service is the same for all – from corporate contracts, to small domestic jobs. We pledge to be polite, clean and presentable at all times.

Whilst we are working in your home or place of business, our staff will be properly respectful and diligent. We never waste your time or ours on any job and can offer a written quotation for all types of work that might need doing.